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Thursday, February 02, 2017


Blue coat Proenza Schouler ps1 Lois opoku
Hey Guys,

Finally sharing my 3rd Berlin Fashion Week look. I changed it a little from how I wore it during my shows, because I was in a rush that morning and picked the first thing that I could grab. I changed from black leather pants and sneakers into these fun pants Storets paired with fishnet socks and patent leather pumps (on sale for less than 20€) - my fav combination rn! I can't get over my new Proenza Schouler bag and you'll probably seeing a lot on this blog. If you want I can write up a little review about this bag and some tips about buying your first designer bag.
Let me know what you think about my look. Are you into bright colored coats for winter?

Tuesday, September 22, 2015


business look women Lois Opoku lisforlois
Hi guys,
So here is the full outfit post for the picture I posted on Friday on Instagram as part of the #GentlemanFriday campaign for the movie "The Intern" auf deutsch Man Lernt Nie Aus (Go watch the movie!!! It's so so good).
The first thing I associate with a Gentleman is a suit. Classic. Mostly a business man. He's educated, well mannered and knows how to treat a lady. He has values and principles. And class.
There's nothing more attractive than a man in a suit.

As part of the #GentlemanFriday I was asked to interpret a female look.
A lady. My mind instantly wandered to a woman in body con dress, not too short - that length that grazes the knees, simple yet elegant. Funny thing, again I associated being a lady with being a business lady, educated, strong, a level of sophistication and class. It's the way she carries herself, not just her groomed outer appearance but also her beautiful well kept soul. She is her own boss. She is strong on so many levels. But above all she is a do-er and she works endlessly. If it's from her office at work, at home keeping her family together or building her own business step by step online or elsewhere. She follows her dreams. She is the modern lady.
I've always looked up to that woman.

I've always looked up to that woman. She is my ultimate #goals. Although with the change of society and what's viewed as business, endless startups and more and more casual attire at the workspace, I still associate anything Rachel, Donna and Jessica wear on Suits(best freaking show ever! Lord please send me a Harvey Spectre!) with a classic business lady.
It has something to do with sophistication and being decent. With a level of class. With tradition.
There's nothing that beats a clean look. And a man in a suit!
..Except for a man in a suit with stubbles!
Oh that makes me weak. *sigh*

Have a wonderful evening!

Saturday, February 28, 2015


Lois Opoku Mario Testino in your face vogue opening party berlin lisforlois
Mario Testino in your face vogue opening party berlin lisforlois
One of the most exciting invitations I got for Fashion Week was an invitation by Vogue. An invitation to the opening of Mario Testino's In Your Face exhibition.
One thing I want to do more: visit galleries, look at art and let it completely overcome me.
Standing there between Mario Testino's works I remembered the power of a room of art having over me, the hold on me it could have and the feeling it would leave me with for hours if not sometimes days after, from my a-level time (my main courses were art & english) as we'd visit galleries on the regular.
Mario Testino's In Your Face exhibition is a must look-at. For photography lovers, fashion lovers and anyone with an appreciation for moods captured in a pure moment.
And it left me craving again.
So here is one thing I want to do more often: visit galleries.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015


fur winter look outfit zara guess lisforlois

What's up guys?
How have you been holding up in the new year? Fashion Week is just around the corner and I'm finishing of some last arrangements and finalizing some projects.
Just wanted to share an outfit with you guys. It's very casual and I can guarantee you it doesn't take more than 10 minutes to get ready.
The look is simple, really.
A pair of ripped jeans, an oversized blouse loosely tucked into your favorite pair of jeans and a fur coat to keep you warm and cozied up. Paired with some black kitten heels it becomes casual with a touch of glamour or elegance if you will. And finally a beanie to keep your ears all warm.
No Make Up, no stress. (Had to fill in my eyebrows! Doesn't count).

It's all good.

Off to finish of last emails and prepare next week. It's going to be buys and eventful. Very eventful.. But you can guess, I mean it's fashion week.
Sending love to wherever you're reading this from. Enjoy your day! See you around.

Love Lois xxx

Monday, April 21, 2014


Red Dress Bunny Ears Lois Opoku lisforlois
Hope you guys are enjoying your easter weekend so far! I wanted to share an easter themed look with you guys and finally put on this amazing red dress. It's one of the dresses I got at the ASOS sample sale, which is a total dream. I love the tulip shape of it. And honestly I wish my hips were always this wide, because I believe the sexiest curve on a woman's body are her hips. The earrings were a gift from Lola & Grace, because I was one of their weekly winners for the Instagram competition (you guys seemed to love that picture as well! Click). They've got Swaroski stones in them and are a super great statement piece. Btw I'm totally into the combination of a vibrant red and rose gold accessories since this look. I don't even mind that I mixed it with a pair of gold heels.
As for my lace bunny ears? I will never get enough of those..
Happy Easter!

Wednesday, November 09, 2011


Yesterday exactly one month ago was my birthday :)
Here are pictures from my birthday weekend: My day, meeting Maria Mena and the Dawanda Brunch.


Gestern vor einem Monat genau war mein Geburtstag :)
Hier sind Eindrücke von meinem Geburtstagswochenende: Mein Tag, das Treffen mit Maria Mena und der Dawanda Brunch.

Monday, August 15, 2011


I'm a proud owner of my very own infamous Zara pumps!
I bought two pairs of shoes right before I left for Verona. I'll show you the second pair in another post.
And I have to tell you guys these shoes were not made for walking my feet.


Ich bin jetzt eine stolze Besitzerin von meinen eigenen Infamous Zara Pumps!
Ich habe mir zwei Paar Schuhe kurz bevor ich nach Verona gegangen bin gekauft. Das zweite Paar zeige ich euch in einem anderen Post.
Und ich muss euch sagen these shoes were not made for walking meine Füße.