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Wednesday, January 25, 2017


Lois opoku style berlin fashion week
Hey guys!

How has your week been so far? I'm still procession what's been going on in the bloggersphere right now. Every season after Fashion Week its the same old story, a bunch of "Why I hate Fashion Week"- post surface right along with "Why I hate people that write about why they hate Fashion Week" counterparts. While there may be some good arguments on both sides it gets boring. It's the same old shit. I was ready to brace myself for the wave of those again, not bothering to take a stand on my own, because what I'll say has been said numerous times in rephrases.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015


berlin fasihon week miley cyrus gif
via Mercedes Benz Fashion Week and Miley Cyrus by Terry Richardson, gif by me

Well, the fashion world is filled with superficial people. *Shocker* It's nothing new, and it comes with the territory. That is the business and it's been like that every fashion week. Yet somehow blogpost complaining and ranting and assessing and judging have been surfacing like fake Chanels in a Chinese factory - quicker than you can spell F.A.K.E and in multitude. *Sigh*.. Don't get me wrong, most of the posts are legit and have a very good point.
But honey, misery is not a good color for you, complaining doesn't suit you and judging makes you look fat.

Tuesday, June 09, 2015


Lois Opoku Nümph print pants lisforlois
Time is a funny thing.
Looking at the time stamp on my latest post. 35 days ago... wow. This is the longest time I've gone without blogging. If you follow me on Instagram, you've seen I'm still attending events, still embarking on adventures and little stories, so still a lot of content to blog about. The blank space that has been growing and stretching out uncontrollably here as if exponential, you see, was not due to lack of content. But rather to a sense of my own unhappiness, ever growing dissatisfaction, discontent and finally disaffection with this space.
When there is no progress, no growth (not in terms of followers but rather self growth and in terms quality), no development I feel at unease. Yet time is ticking (way too fast), this space is getting older but it's not growing up. It feels like it's staying an infant child forever, stuck in one developing stage, impossible to advance.
That's what gets me.

Sunday, January 09, 2011


via google, edited myself

Unfortunately there's no animated iPod today. All my songs I've chosen for the playlist can't be played with mixpod, because all have denied embedding, on youtube! All! Every single version of the songs. So annoying! And mixpod works only with songs/videos from youtube. :(
So I have decided now, not to do it at all.
But I’m  feeling so M.I.A today. No not Missing In  Action but bad ass chick M. I. A. Papers and planes…Slumdog Millionaire? You know who I am talking about.
But you can check out two songs that were supposed to appear today:
Come Around - MIA feat Timbaland
This is some crazy shit.

I’ve noticed, someone hit the L is for LOVE button :) Thank you someone! Once again, I’m reminding you to feel free to hit the L is for Love or L is for Like button :) And go ahead and comment my blog. You make my day!

And also, I have my first follower on bloglovin!!! Thank you Valentina. Big kiss from me :)
t e e t h a r e j a d e have featured me on their blog roll! I feel so blessed. Thank you guys so much. I don’t need to say that you must check out their blog. If you haven’t then what are you waiting for?

I’ve noticed that some of my post have no content or are not complete! I’m really sorry about that. I don’t know why it’s like that, but all I can say is that that is crap. You waiting for my highly anticipated post just to get nothing. JK. Highly anticipated? Who do I think I am? xP. No, but I want to make it up to my little readers. You are not many, but each and every one of you is precious (Note: I’m being serious). And I’ve reposted  them (like my Photobook 2010). So have a look.
And the Burlesque Post finally has the pictures of the goody bag.

Mwah my fellas:)

Hmm mwah is kinda.. aah whatever! Just imaging me giving you a big fat happy kiss on the cheek :) Be blessed. Have a nice Sunday and a beautiful new week!

Don’t know why I’m being so happy go lucky, all I know is I’m feeling good :)

Lois xxx

Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Ghanaian in the City

Top and slate: sown for me by my unties seamstress/ Top und slate: ´hat meine Tante für mich nähen lassen
Ph.: Claire

This year in Art we had to make a self-portrait using an attribute (my attire) that supports our statement and the above is what I came up with. I took the picture a few months ago.  It was fun making this picture although I was freezing, (the German weather has suddenly changed to abnormally cold-.-) and at first I was shy to remove my jacket and reveal my attire. I was born in Berlin, Germany and must say I didn’t really grow up according to my roots. We do eat Ghanaian and African food at home, sometimes, my brother and I don’t really like it x) But there is some we do :) Until last summer we had never been home, unfortunately plane tickets are as good as unaffordable for us. Well my mom and I went back for a year, but I was just 1 year old, too young to remember anything. It was amazing to meet my family (honestly my family is like an entire population, we are so many! - mind you I didn’t even meet all of them yet) and learning where you come from.


Dieses Jahr müssten wir im Kunst Leistungskurs als einer unser ersten Projekte ein Selbstportrait machen mit einem Attribut, dass unsere Aussage unterstützt. Das Bild ist vor einigen Monaten entstanden. Es hat Spaß gemacht dieses Photo zumachen, obwohl ich gefroren habe (das Wetter ist plötzlich abnormal kalt geworden -.-) und zuerst war ich schüchtern meine Jacke auszuziehen und meine Kleidung zu zeigen. Ich wurde in Berlin geboren und muss sagen ich bin nicht wirklich meinen Wurzeln nach aufgewachsen. Wir essen schon Ghanaisches  und Afrikanisches Essen zu Hause, manchmal, mein Bruder und ich mögen es nicht besonders x) Aber es gibt manches, dass wir mögen :) Bis letzten Sommer sind wir noch nie in Ghana gewesen, denn leider können wir uns die Flugticktes so gut wie nicht leisten. Naja, meine Mama und ich sind für ein Jahr nach Ghana gezogen, aber ich war nur ein Jahr alt, zu jung um mich an irgendetwas zu erinnern. Es war toll meine Familie kennen zu lernen (ohne scheiß meine Familie ist wie eine ganze Population, wir sind so viele! Und ich hab noch nicht mal alle getroffen!!) und zu lernen wo ich her komme.

Lois xxx

Sunday, December 26, 2010


I had a nice Christmas with lots of present and nice family evening. We celebrate Christmas the English way. I go to an European school, it's bilingual for English- German, so most of my friends celebrate on the 25th too. We go to church on Christmas eve and celebrate with our church with a Christmas dinner and performances after the church service. Presents are not opened till 25th morning. Then we have a little family time until we have a annual "surprise" party for my dad's birthday. (Yes, he is a Christmas child :) ) It's more like a tradition than surprise now. In fact it failed since "Surprise Party 1" and we have reached "Surprise Party 4" now. Haha. We always have (the same) family friends over. We are three families and it's always a full house. Then come dinner, cake and more presents... Yep, that's pretty much our traditions.

001 I got this lace pullover, red striped top, two shirts, lace body and green military jacket from my parents. I'll show you in OOTDs soon what they look like. And I got a lovely red coat for winter too. I really really love it. I'll show you that too soon.

002 My friend gave me a striped bandeau top and an eyeliner from Manhattan. I'm in love with the eyeliner because it has glittery particles in it. But not too much! She actually could have given me anything, I would have loved it. I like it when friends give each other presents. For me it's not about the present, but the fact that you give and think about others besides your family you really love too on Christmas. Evens if it's something small. I actually didn't spend more than 2€(!) on every friend this year. But I got lovely presents. I think it's partly due to the major sales every this year. I got everyone a nail polish (besides the 13 I bought for myself haha :D ) in their color plus a purse 1€ (H&M)/ sunglasses 1€ (New Yorker) / armband (I brought from Ghana) / packet of chocolate.

003 Bubble bath I got from my other friend in purple. My favourite colour.

004 Bathing set White Tea from my godmother. It includes a bath&shower Gel, hand cream, body lotion and a white sponge. Good thing there is a hand cream. My hands always get to dry, especially in winter.

005 Armbands from our family friends. I actually really like the look of them.

006 Everything from my little brother :) A book, two P2 Nail polishes, a little purse and a jaguar ring! I've turned the blank page book into my diary/ black book kinda thing that I named the Thinking Book... I really love that ring. I really fits to the nail polish I'm wearing (here). That nail polish looks good with gold jewelry. I actually tried out the new polish on my pointer finger. Notice that that finger is a little glittery? ;)

007 Chocolate. You always get chocolate on Christmas :)

008 We played a little Family Scrabble in our family time.

009 Our little Christmas tree. Can't believe that thing used to be way bigger than me. We don't have money to buy a new tree every year, so we have kept that tree for years now. And over the years my brother and I have grown taller than it. The tip was so long that my brother decided to twist it into a star. Haha :D Clever idea though. Our usual Christmas Tree Top Star is missing.

Like I said a had a nice Christmas. Hope you had one too.

Lots of Christmassy Love
Lois xxx

Saturday, December 25, 2010


all pictures via flickr, I just added the Merry X-Mas :)


Lois xxx

Thursday, December 23, 2010


Pullover: Pimkie
Rings/Ringe: H&M, Bijou Brigitte, Primark
Nails/Nägel: Rival de Loop Nr.109
I woke up at 8 o'clock this morning. I know you are probably thinking, what is a morning grouch doing up so early? Good question. I'd liked to know that too. Not knowing what to do I went to check out my blog. Some few people commented on it! I'd want to thank each and everyone for commenting. It actually means a lot to me and really made my day. Every comment made me smile even more. You know, a few days ago I was actually starting to doubt that people are actually going to look at my blog. With the little comments that I got, I feel like working harder! :) Hopefully you guys will check back soon and make another day of mine special? ;)

And I even have a follower now!! Thank you so much Daria! You are the first (and hopefully not the last, but one of many).

And I have new followers on twitter too! This is so motivating :) You can follow my twitter here.

My blog is not looking how it's supposed to yet. It's under construction (and has been for weeks now haha :) ) I'm still working on the header and I have lots of ideas for the layout. But I never find time to do all of this. Now that I have holidays it's most likely to transform to ultracool or better - how I want it :) And there are lots of topics I haven't covered yet. Especially the Fashion area is still untouched. And pictures and events from my life have fallen too short. Well well... we'll see what will happen.

I'm loving that shade from Rival de Loop. The color is so dope. It's like a chocolate red. It actually looks more chocolate-y on my fingers than in the picture. I got it for a mere 0,80 cent!! Application is good, but it definitely needs two coats. With only one coat it's a strikey red with only hints of chocolate.

In the last two days I stumbled upon the two most inspiring blogs, The Fashion Boulevard and Jorge Alexander. They are so inspirational. It's definitely eye candy. You should have a look. And one of the first blogs I actually fell in love with was Babara's. Also a must see. (All German blogs)

I have to go to the doctor's today. Not looking forward to it as I don't have an appointment and I'm just gonna sit around in the waiting room. I had so much planned for my blog today. Maaan. And tomorrow is Christmas. Surprisingly I'm probably not going to be one of the millions that go last minute Christmas shopping on the morning of Christmas eve for the first time in my short 17 years of life! What a wonder. In the last years you could have bet a million on finding me rushing from shop to shop just before closing hours.

When I come home I'm gonna bake cookies. What's Christmas without the usual Plätzchen?


Bin heute um 8 Uhr aufgewacht. Ihr fragt euch sicherlich, was macht ein Morgenmüffel auf um diese Zeit? Gute Frage. Das wüsst ich auch gern. Weil ich nicht wusste, was ich machen sollte, hab ich mir mein Blog angeguckt. Ein paar Leute haben es kommentiert! Es bedeutet mir sehr viel. Ich möchte euch alle fürs Kommentieren danken. Jedes Kommentar hat mich noch mehr zum Lächeln gebracht. Wisst ihr, vor ein paar Tagen habe ich angefangen zu glauben, dass niemand meinen Blog sieht. Mit den wenigen Kommentaren möchte ich noch härter arbeiten! :) Hoffentlich guckt ihr bald wieder vorbei und macht noch einen Tag von mir besonders? ;)

Und ich habe sogar einen Follower!! Vielen Dank Daria! Du bist die erste (hoffentlich nicht die letzte, aber eine von vielen).

Und ich habe neue Followers auf Twitter! Das ist so motivierend :) Ihr könnt mich hier auf Twitter verfolgen.

Mein Blog sieht noch lange nicht so aus wie es aussehen soll. Es ist im Aufbau (schon seit Wochen haha :) ) Ich arbeite noch am Header un hab viele Ideen fürs Layout. Aber ich find nie Zeit daran weiter zu arbeiten. Jetzt wo ich Ferien hab wird sich mein Blog höchstwahrscheinlich zu ultracool transformieren oder bessergesagt - wie ich es will :) Und es gibt viele Themen die ich noch nicht angesprochen hab, besonders der Modebereich. Und Bilder und Ereignisse aus meinem Leben sind bis jetzt noch zu kurz gekommen. Naja.. wir weden sehen was passiert.

Ich liebe diesen Nagellack von Rival de Loop. Die Farbe ist so klasse. Ist ein schokoladenrot. Es sieht in echt viel schokoladiger aus. Ich hab den für billige 0,80 cent ersteigert!! Ist gut aufzutragen, braucht jedoch 2 Schichten. Mit nur einer Schicht ist es ein streifiges rot mit Anzeichen von Schokolade.

In den letzten zwei Tagen bin ich auf die zwei inspirierendsten Blogs gestolpert: The Fashion Boulevard und Jorge Alexander. Die sind so inspirierend. Definitiv Eye Candy. Solltet ihr euch ansehen. Und eins der ersten Blogs in die ich mich verliebt hatte, war der von Barbara. Auch angucken. (Alles deutsche Blogs)

Ich muss heute zum Artzt. Ich hab kein Bock drauf, weil ich keinen Termin habe und im Warteraum rumsitzen muss. Ich hatte heute so viel geplant für meinen Blog. Maaan. Und morgen ist Weihnachten. Überraschend werde ich wahrscheinlich nicht eine von den Millionen sein, die Helig Abend Morgen ihre letzten Einkäufe erledigen, fürs erste Mal in meinem gesamten Leben! Welch ein Wunder. Vor ein paar Jahren hättet ihr eine Million darauf wetten können, dass ich von Laden zu Laden renne kurz bevor die Schließungszeiten.

Wenn ich wiederkomme, backe ich Kekse. Was ist ein Weihnachten ohne Plätzchen?

Lois xxx

With the kiss or without the kiss? I couldn't decide. Ended up doing Ching Chang Chong. The kiss won. ^^
Mit dem Kuss oder ohne dem Kuss? Konnte mich nicht enscheiden, also Ching Chang Chong. Kuss hat gewonnen. ^^

Monday, December 20, 2010



001 Half of my classes were cancelled today (like almost everyday for the past week) I wonder what I'm doing at school. The senate should just give us the week for god's sake. But no, we aren't having holidays until the 24th. And then only 7 days and a bit. We've always had holidays a week before christmas.

002 I froze my ass off today. I wore my new cardigan with pom poms and thought it looked stupid to wear something over it, completely ignoring the fact that I wasn't dressed warm enough. Ofcourse today is when the weather decided to be extra cold. I lost feeling in all my body parts. At one point I said, "Goodbye dear little hand. You were of good use to me. May you rest in peace and WARMTH!" When mama tells you so, she tells you so. And my momma definitely told me so. What do Ted Moesby and I have in common? We both need to listen to our momma -.- 

003Christmas show at the school today. It was more like a benefit / bazaar /market/ school play /event. A group of students organised a donation to UNICEF, which I think is a great idea. But somehow (as disorganised as our school/student body is) no one really seemed to have taken notice of this. We need more enthusiams here. Sadly I had to leave early and could only enjoy the choir (my best friends are in the choir and always entertains me when I come to the shows. They do embarassing stuff on stage. So funny. Thats how to enjoy life;) ) because it's my brothers birthday today.

004 We had the most amazing cake ever and ofcourse a traditional bucket of KFC for my little brothers birthday. It was a nice family dinner. (see the cake here)

005 Still need to do Christmas shopping. I still don't have all my presents ready.

006 My friend Melissa came to visit our school Christmas show. She gave me my present and urged me to open it. I resisted..  until I got home. I went to bed, but I had to wake up to drink. When I came back next thing I know I am opening the present. To my defence, she wanted me to open it anyway. It's a bottle with purple bubble bath soap. PURPLE. My fav color. And she wrote me a super cute letter.

007 No, you can not trust your sources. Primark did not move to Berlin this month. But there is a new Primark in Germany. In Gelsenkirchen. PLEASE PRIMARK GET A MOVE TO BERLIN! We are the capital.

008 Obsessed with... Rival de Loop

009 Currently reading: Für jede Lösung ein Problem by Kerstin Gier

010 Right now... I'd rather dress like a total shithead than freeze like today ever EVER again.

Lois xxx

Thursday, November 18, 2010


 Can't wait for the weekend. Thank God tomorrow is Friday.
Kann gar nicht auf Wochenende warten. Gott sei dank ist morgen Freitag.

Lois xxx

Sunday, November 14, 2010


001 Don't ask me why I named this post Hello Melone. I don't know :)

002 Went to see Twelve with my friend Claire. Love the movie, I really enjoyed it. I haven’t read the book so I can’t compare the movie to the original (but I’m planning on getting it). It got very intense to the end. It’s actually quite a sad story. And so many dramatic themes mixed in one. Drugs and Drug abuse, Death, Amok… Only down: I found the chemistry between Emma Roberts and Chace Crawford (oooh Chacey ♥♥) very poor, which kind of sucked because those few scenes are the only scenes in which White Mike encounters/experiences some kind of love. I felt that those scenes should have been very strong. They were just awkward. But I’ll definitely get it on DVD. Before the movie I kept watching the trailer over and over again. That song is so dope. Claire and I even sang along to it when it came up in the movie in cinema. Haha :). Here’s the trailer. See what you think:

003 Got creative. I felt like doing something creative, so I grabbed my last two canvases and started painting. They actually turned out lovely. I like my paintings. :)

004 Went to OBI to check prices on material with my dad. I’m preparing to build Maggie’s Minimalist Desk. But thrice. I can see my room coming together slowly. Very slowly, but it’s moving :) I even got this amazing purple duvet. It’s the softest, loveliest, most beautiful cover. Just need to run your hand over it - you are in heaven!

001 Fragt mich nicht warum ich diesen Post Hallo Melone genannt habe. Keine Ahnung :)

002 Bin mit meiner Freundin Claire Twelve gucken gegangen. Liebe den Film. Hat mir gut gefallen. Ich hab das Buch nicht gelesen also kann ich den Film nicht mit dem Original vergleichen (habe aber vor es mir zu holen).Es wurde ziemlich dramatisch zum Ende hin. Es ist eigentlich eine ziemlich traurige Geschichte.Und so viele dramatische Themen in einem gemischt. Drogen,Tod, Amok…
 Einziges Minus: Ich fand die Chemie zwischen Emma Roberts und Chace Crawford (oooh Chacey ♥♥) sehr arm, was irgendwie doof war, weil das einzigen Szenen, in die White Mike eine Art von Liebe erfährt. Ich persöhnlich fand, dass diese Szenen sehr stark hätten seien sollen. Die waren einfach nur komisch. Aber ich hole mir den Film definitiv auf DVD. Hab mir vorm Film den Trailer die ganze Zeit angeguckt. Das Lied ist zu geil. Claire und ich haben sogar, als das Lied im Film vorkam, mit gesungen. Haha :) Hier ist der Trailer. Was haltet ihr davon?:

003 Bin kreativ geworden. Hab meine letzten 2 Leinwände genommen und gemalt. Sind eigentlich ganz gut geworden. Ich mag mein Ergebnis :)

004 Bin mit meinem Papa zu OBI gegangen um Preise von Material zu checken. Ich bereite mich drauf vor Maggie’s Minimalis Desk zu bauen. Aber drei Mal. Ich seh mein Zimmer kommt so langsam zusammen. Langsam. Aber es kommt voran. :) Ich habe diese tolle lila Decke von Mäc Geiz bekommen. Es ist die schönste,liebevollste, weicheste Decke der Welt. (Ja meine Decke ist liebevoll.) Einmal anfassen und man ist im Himmel. Göttlich!

Have a great week everyone! I Wünsch euch allen eine schöne Woche.

                                    Lois xxx

Saturday, November 13, 2010


all pictures were found with the flicker search machine and belong to their rightful owners

The Rules:
1. Answer each of the questions below using the Flickr Search engine.
2. Choose a photo from the first three pages.
3. Copy the URL of your favorite photo into this site:
4. Save mosaic to some form of photo hosting thing and share w/world.

1. First Name
2. Favorite Food
3. Hometown
4. Favorite Color
5. Celebrity Crush
6. Favorite Drink
7. Dream Vacation
8. Favorite Dessert
9. What I Want To Be When I Grow Up
10. What I Love Most In The World
11. One Word That Describes Me
12. My LiveJournal Name

Tuesday, November 09, 2010


I've noticed a lot of people do summaries of a special day like Monday Summary etc. I've decicded to do that too, but I will call it Anyday Summary. Mainly because I can then summaries any day I feel like summarizing.

001 Went to school at 8 oclock today, just to find out that my early lessons had been cancelled and school for me wasn't starting until 9.55. Great. Could have slept in. So I went back home and had breakfast.  There was no point in going back to bed, because I hardly had anytime left before I had to leave again. So when I was leaving home to go back to school, I got the SMS from my teacher that the earlier lessons had been cancelled. Oh really?! Thanks for the earlier notice. Arrggh!

002 I never have time for breakfast. But today I made waffles. Mhmm :)

003 TV Tuesday. (well more like internet tv tuesday) Watched the latest episodes of HIMYM and GossipGirl. Oh Serena.. what a mess. Once again a perfect example of the classic love triangle. Has anyone else noticed that everyone on GossipGirl has been with everyone? (Serena-Dan, Dan-Vanessa, Vanessa-Nate, Nate-Jenny, Jenny-Chuck, Chuck-Blair...) This show is one hell of a snog fest. But don't we all love it? "I know you love me, xoxo GossipGirl" She is right we do ;)

004 I've been so tired lately. I'm really considering if I should make siestas after school... I heard that taking small naps regenarates the body. 17 minutes exact it was. Well, you have to make sure you don't fall into a deep sleep, otherwise it has the opposite effect. Instead of energizing you, it makes you more tired.

005 I have to prepare for my Art II course exam. It's about silent movies and Charlie Chaplin and so on. I think it's not going to be that diffucult and actually I really enjoy them. Some of them are hilarious. But I still need to prepare.

006 Currently reading: Shoe Addicts Anonymous by Beth Harbison. I got my copy at Thalia for only 2,50€ because it has scratches on the cover and doesnt look new. A book is a book as longs as I can read every word. And if its cheaper, so the better. :)

008 Right now ... I feel to lazy to work or do my homework or anything. I just want to sleeeeep. :) So exhausted.


Mir ist aufgefallen viele von euch Monday Summaries etc. schreiben. Also eine Art Zusammenfassung des Tages. Ich habe entschlossen, dass ich, dass jetzt auch machen werde. Das nenne ich dann Anyday Summary. Einfach weil ich dann jeden Tag, den ich möchte zusammenfassen kann.

001 Bin heute um 8 Uhr in die Schule gegangen einfach nur um zu erfahren, dass ich bis 9.55 keinen Unterricht habe. Super. Hätte ausschlafen können. Also bin ich wieder nach Hause gefahren und hab gefrühstückt. Es hat keinen Sinn gemacht mich wieder schlafen zu legen, da ich eh bald wieder los musste. Als ich wieder los musste, hab ich eine SMS von meiner Lehrerin bekommen, dass die ersten beiden Stunden ausfallen . Oh wirklich?? Warum so früh?! Arrghh!

002 Ich  habe nie Zeit fürs Frühstück. Aber heute hab ich mir Waffeln gemacht. Mhmm :)

003 TV Dienstag. (Naja eher Internet TV Dienstag) Hab die neueste Folge von HIMYM und GossipGirl gesehen. Oh Serena.. was für ein Chaos. Und wieder einmal haben wir ein perfektes Beispiel eines Liebesdreiecks. Ist euch schon aufgefallen, dass jeder mit jedem etwas hatte? (Serena-Dan, Dan-Vanessa, Vanessa-Nate, Nate-Jenny, Jenny-Chuck, Chuck-Blair...) Die Serie ist ein reinstes Knutschfest. Aber lieben wir das nicht alle? "I know you love me, xoxo GossipGirl" Sie hat Recht, wir tuns ;)

004 Ich bin in letzter Zeit so müde, dass ich überlege ob ich nach der Schule siestas halten soll. Ein kleiner Nickerchen soll gut für den Körper sein. 17 minuten exact oder so was. Aber  halt nicht länger, sonst fällt man in den Tiefschlaf und dass bewirkt genau das Gegenteil. Statt wacher zu werden, wird man müder.

005 Schreibe morgen eine Kunst-Zusatz Klausur und muss mich drauf vorbereiten. Wir beschäftigen uns zur Zeit etwas mit Stummfilmen und Charlie Chaplin und so. Ich denke nicht, dass es morgen sehr schwer wird, aber ich muss mich trotzdem etwas darauf vorbereiten.

006 Lese zur Zeit: Schutick von Beth Harbison. Hab mein Buch bei Thalia für nur 2,50€ bekommen weil es ein "Mängelexemplar" ist. Ein Buch ist ein Buch; so lange ich jedes Wort lesen kann. UNd wenn es dann noch billiger ist, umso besser :)

007 Besessen von Obsessions - Marina and the Diamonds. Und BLAUEN Nagellack.

008 Im Moment... bin ich viel zu faul meine Hausaufgaben oder irgendwas zu machen. Ich will einfach nur schlaaaaafen. :) Todesmüde.

Lois xxx

Sunday, October 31, 2010


If I had a little Money

This is my first set I have ever made. Gosh I’ve fallen in love with Polyvore<3 It’s like digital creativity. I'm loving the 3D Mesh Jumper from AA and everything that I put down on this set. But unfortunately I have very little money and I can’t even afford those cute hair bands from Monsoon/Accessorize. So I'm left to dream...


Das hier ist mein erstes Set, dass ich je auf Polyvore erstellt habe. Ich glaube ich bin verliebt in Polyvore<3 Es ist wie eine digitale kreative Welt. Ich liebe den 3D Mesh Jumper von American Apparell und alles was ich auf diesem Set raufgemacht habe. Leider hab ich nur sehr wenig Geld und kann mir nicht einmal die süßen Haareifen von Monsoon/Accessorize leisten. (Monsoon/Accesorize gibt es jetzt endlich auch in Berlin! Yaay!) Dann muss ich wohl einfach nur weiter träumen...

Lois xxx