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Tuesday, February 21, 2017


Hey Guys,

I'm back with my final look from Fashion Week. Unfortunately I ended picking up my brother from hospital instead of running around my last 2 shows because he had an accident, so I didn't actually get to wear my last look to Berlin Fashion Week. But since I had been looking forward to this look the entire week and it had been one of my very few planned looks I had to shoot this look anyway afterwards as I was and have been dying to share this one with you. It's super dark for a typical "me" look. I usually go with colorful choices, but sometimes, every now and then I feel like exploring my dark side.

Friday, October 07, 2016


Can't believe another year has passed. Time is at such a speed right now, I feel like life is rushing me by. I'm turning 23 tomorrow so I decided to post a little wish list here and the blog. Oh and make sure to stop by tomorrow for a little giveaway!
The Gucci SoHo keychain will be a gift to myself, where as the DionysusPrincetown slippers and boots will be on my list of things I'm saving for this year and the Gucci belt probably my next purchase. I hate backpacks but I'm obsessed with this cute little bag from Zara, as it can be worn like my dream bag from MCM - the bebe boo.  The MAC wants are my beauty wishes that I stumbled across whilst out shopping with my friend Grace. The purple matte liquid lipstick is on my wish list since last week when I saw my friend Julie rocking it (you probably saw that on Snapchat!). As for chokers? I'm obsessed and I want all three packs I spotted at Zara plus very much the Acne choker copy that seems to be sold out everywhere already.. oh well

So yeah these are a list of material things I could come up with to wish for my birthday. But I'm not really the person to wish for things.. It doesn't really matter what it is you gift me and I mean it when I say "I don't mind at all.", after being asked what it is I want. Fact is I will most probably even forget what it is you gave me for my birthday (Sorry!). But what I don't forget is the feeling I had in that very moment realizing you thought of me, you took your time to get me something and that smile and excitement on your face being happy to gift me something..
As for non-material wishes.. My biggest wish is that I find my smile again I lost in the last couple of months. I wish to I find my way, place and purpose in this world. But above all I wish that all lost and broken souls find someone or something to mend their heart. I wish for peace and a little less pain in this world and to never have to see someone I care about be so self-destructive and break anything and anyone good they've got left in the process.

Love Lois xxx

Thursday, March 19, 2015


Sunglasses I Sonnenbrille: Dior So Real
Bag I Tasche: Chloe Drew
Dress I Kleid: Chloe SS15
Hat I Hut: Lack of Color
Sandals I Sandalen: Miu Miu
Necklace I Kette: Madeleine Issing
Bracelet I Armband: Chloe
Lipstick I Lippenstift: MAC Velvet Teddy

I'm a huge fan of Resort collections. Inspired by Monaco's flair and some of my favorite resort 2015 collections (Chloe SS15 and Zimmerman Resort 2015 are *HEAVEN* sent) and the lack of sun, summer and salty beaches (major case of wanderlust!) I'm reviving my Style Ideas category created to inspire you.
Today's edition is all about your Monaco Luxe Escape wardrobe. Monaco for me is all about the luxury, flowing gowns, the colors white or black paired with cotton candy pink or cognac leather, navy stripes of a day out on the yacht, total elegance and the feeling of sipping glasses of bordeaux or Chardonnay as the sun sets from a balcony (Hotel Martinez perhaps?) with a killer view overlooking the endless ocean and palm trees.


Sunglasses I Sonnenbrille: Celine Papillon
Hair I Haar: Moroccanoil
Bathing Suit I Schwimmanzug: Norma Kamali
Hat I Hut: Eugenia Kim
Sun screen I Sonnencreme: Skinceuticals Brightening UV Defense 30 SPF
Bracelet I Armband: J. Crew
Wedges: See By Chloe

Total LOOK: Petit Bateau

But Monaco isn't just a destination it's a perfect family get-away too. Imaging sailing away into the never ending ocean for a couple of days on your yacht with your family and kids. Going to Monaco you'd want your kids to dress the part too. Luxury and stylish dressing isn't limited to grown-ups, as little Miss North West keeps proving day by day. (How does this 2-year old have a better wardrobe than me?!)
I found the cutest luxury kids and baby wear label: Petite Bateau via Melijoe. The label itself means little ship. So perfect for your luxe escape. The latest Petite Bateau collection is supercute and has lots a pieces that just make me want to have lots of little babies so I can dress them up in all of Petite Bateau's new pieces
I picked out a luxe escape wardrobe for Little HIM and Little HER.
But please, can we just take a moment to appreciate how cute stylish kids are?!
Petit Bateau near you? Try the Ladenfinder.

Hope you enjoyed Style Ideas. I'm planing on doing more posts like these.

Love Lois xxx

Monday, October 07, 2013


1. MICHAEL KORS Hamilton Bag  2. JENNIFER ZEUNER Necklace  3. NASTYGAL Ring Set  4. NASTYGAL Caged Bracelet  5. NIKE Air Force 1  6. JOSEPH Leopard Sweater  7. SAINT LAURENT PARIS Purse  8. ISSUE 1.3 Olga Pants  9. SHEINSIDE Leather Jacket  10. NASTYGAL Sunglasses  11. HALSTON HERITAGE Cross Body Bag  12. RiRi <3 M.A.C. Talk That Talk  13. NIKE Air Yeezy 14. MARC JACOBS iPhone Case  15. J.COLE Born Sinner Album  16. BAUBLEBAR Stament Necklace  17. MICHAEL KORS Watch  18. NIKE Blazers  19. NASTYGAL Body Chain  20. CANON EF 50mm/1,8 II Standard Lens    

It's been a while since I've done a wishlist post on my blog and since it's my birthday tomorrow I thought this is the perfect occasion to do one again. To be honest all of the above are things I wouldn't mind owning but it's nothing I'm really dying for. I can't remember the last time I seriously wanted something - oh yes I do, the purple Longchamp Shopper I got for my 17th birthday. Since then all my materialistic wishes have been temporary wishes that come and go and I can surely live without. I'm quite content with what I have at the moment and there's nothing I seriously want or need. (Except well maybe the white Air Force 1 to take me one stop closer to a timeless wardrobe).
Anyway I just wanted to give you the opportunity to shop my wishlist, things I'm currently into and let us dive together into the world of materialistic fulfillment. At the end of the day true wishes are things money can't buy, those things that truly make you happy in the long run as opposed to just a momentarily satisfaction.
I'm really looking forward to a chilled night with my friends tomorrow evening.

Shit am I getting old and wise and poetic already? Relax, I'm turning 20..

Love Lois xxx

Sunday, April 22, 2012


MAC Such Flare! Matte

One of the perks of going to events, besides meeting great people and having fun(!), is that at the end there is always goodie bag. Mostly. And sometimes they are full of surprises, like the one from the Adidas Event, because that bag gifted me my first ever MAC lipstick. I've heard lots of good reviews about MAC and I've always wanted to try some of their products, but I never got myself to buy something. When I saw this lipstick in my bag my heart jumped of joy.
It's a beautiful dark red with matte finish and currently my favourite lipstick. I'm amazed at how long it actually stays on, because I have the type of skin that sucks up make-up quit quickly, so I'm used to reapplying lipstick often. With this one I don't.
Now that I've tried one product I really want to try more from MAC. How do you guys like MAC? And how do you find my new lippie? Well, I don't think I need to say that love it. :)
Have a great start into the new week!


Eines der guten Dinge an Events ist, neben den tollen Menschen, die man dort kennenlernt und Spaß haben (!), dass es am Ende immer eine Goodiebag gibt. Meistens. Und manchmal befindet sich eine tolle Überraschung darin, wie zum Beispiel in der von dem Adidas Event, denn diese Goodiebag schenkte mir meinen allerersten MAC Lippenstift. Ich habe schon viel gute Kritik über MAC gehört und wollte auch schon immer mal Produkte testen, aber leider bin ich nie dazu gekommen. Als ich diesen Lippenstift in meiner Tasche sah, sprang mein Herz voller Freude.
Es ist ein superschönes dunkelrot mit mattem Finish und zur Zeit ist das mein Lieblingslippenstift. Ich bin echt überrascht wie lange der hält, denn eigentlich habe ich Haut die Make-Up recht schnell einzieht, und daher muss ich Lippenstift oft nachziehen. Mit dem muss ich das nicht.
Jetzt wo ich ein product getestet habe, möchte ich noch mehr von MAC ausprobieren. Wie findet ihr denn MAC so? Und was haltet ihr von meine  neuen Lippie? Ich denke nicht, dass ich erwähnen muss, dass ich ihn liebe. :)
Wünsche euch einen tollen Wochenstart!

Love Lois xxx

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Monday, September 12, 2011