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Sunday, December 11, 2016


puma footlocker lois opoku
Every year the same old story: Foot Locker's Week of Greatness. It's a become a tradition here on the blog and I never get tired of it. Foot Locker releases a crazy bunch of super cool sneakers and I get to highlight my favorite here on the blog. This time I chose the Puma Fierce that I styled up in four completely different ways. Can we just take a minute to acknowledge the fact that Puma has made a major comeback this year? Ever since Rihanna took over it's been going uphill. Well played Puma, well played. Of course Foot Locker released a few new Pumas (like the Puma Fierce I'm wearing) during Week of Greatness, along with some sick Jordans and Adidas NMDs, some in exclusive colour ways to Foot Locker.
In honour of Week of Greatness I decided to show you 4 different ways I'd rock sneakers. Here is my week in sneakers lookbook. Friday's we wear high heels to party :P
If you know me, you know I hardly ever wear heels IRL. Nothing goes over the comfort of a sneaker..
But keep reading to see the looks! :D

Monday, October 06, 2014


Lois Opoku waterfall skirt streetstyle lisforlois
I shot some really awesome pictures with my friend Mali a little while back. I've shot a couple of outfit pictures in this location, yet I never realized how stunning this place could look in pictures.
It's all about perspectives.
Mali and me make a great team. Whoever is behind or in front of the camera, it feels comfortable, natural. And the results never fail to amaze me. Sometimes I can't stop taking pictures of her and I feel like I've got it, but she disagrees. I know it's not me, or the pictures. It's something personal. I really enjoy taking pictures of her. She's naturally beautiful and her style is amazing. Two things that make it impossible for me to stop pressing the shutter release.
She's perfect to practice photography skills on (of which I have none), and developing the eye, which seem like a pair of sunglasses I put on whenever I'm with her, shooting her.

I'm loving the pictures I've shot with her. Of course it would only be cruel not to share. Hope you enjoy jet another set by wonderful Mali.

I'm off to hang out with the Keds Team. See you on Insta!
@LisforLois if you have forgotten ;)