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Monday, April 10, 2017


Hey guys,

I finally had the chance to do a kickboxing class! Kickboxing, pole dancing and indoor cycling have been high up on my list of things to do and try before I do and I'm so happy I got to cross two of my list. (The other thing I tried was cycling - but more on that in a separate post..)
Odlo invited me to try out 45 mins for Kickboxing in light of their launch of their latest collection which includes a new technology called Ceramicool, an airing system that cools your skin down to 1°C during physical activities, as the material which has a special yarn mixed with ceramic, helps radiate your own body heat off meaning at even high temperates when your body is working, you have a cooling effect.
Especially now that's getting warmer and summer is approaching a Ceramicool shirt comes in very handy for outdoor activities.
The Ceramicool collections includes 3 different types - Ceramicool Seamless (entirely made from the ceramic yarn), Ceramicool Pro (mix from ceramic yarn and intelligent mesh positioning) and Ceramicool (ceramicool technology only in sensitive areas of the body i.e. armpits, neck and back).

Thursday, September 22, 2016


Odlo Girls Time_FW16_House_Running_119
I have to admit I would have never come this far, had I read the invitation from Odlo properly, for I would have politely declined the invitation and stayed at home safe. Me and heights are a mismatch like socks and sandals. They do not match.. unless you are open to it. Odlo invited my to their first Odlo Girls Time last week and it was no ordinary event. House running. HOUSE RUNNING. Let me repeat again, HOUSE freaking RUNNING was on the agenda.
Imagine my shock when I got there in my cute little outfit (btw the comfiest sports bra and tights I've ever owned! Thank you Odlo!) ready to run in a house not on its walls.
Sitting here on the edge was the farthest I got. Jacky, Amandine and I were pushing each other all evening until we got geared up and said at least we would try.

Wednesday, July 27, 2016


NikeWomen_NTCApp_MediaClass_3 What's up guys!
How is your new week going? I can still feel the aftermath of my workout with Nike last Thursday. Trust me, my glutes were burning and my butt feels sore. I was able to test the new NTC app in its full new glory in some of Nike's latest collection while being guided through the workout by the amazing Nada Ivanovic, one of Nike's very own trainers. (Just when you think you feel like throwing the towel, she will keep you motivated to keep fighting. There is no giving up when she says "keep going!" - My butt thanks her now. *praying hands emoji*).
I got a first glimpse at the app and its new changes. It's a completely new app and not just an update. You have to delete the old one in order to use the new one. You can however still log in with your old account details.
Below are the 10 new features of the new version of the app.

Sunday, January 03, 2016


Lois Opoku x Aspria lisforlois
A new year, a new beginning, a new chapter, a new start.
And yet another time for new years resolutions.
One biggie on my list, and I guess on pretty much everyone's, is the wish to improve my health, fitness and lifestyle. I want to be more active and want the lifestyle become something that comes natural to me.
First step would be signing up at gym for most people. But I've been signed up at gym for 2 years now.

So instead of looking for the perfect gym that has the most to offer and the best conditions, why not try the Somuchmore Card? A card that grants you access to all listed Gyms combining the best your town has to offer. From kickboxing and martial arts to dance classes, yoga, Pilates, wellness and sauna spas as well as nutrition counseling.
Also maybe this will keep you motivated to actually hit the gym regularly, the feeling of diversity - being able to go anywhere and try a new place a new class, a new adventure every single day. It's bound to never get boring or dull. And should you grow bored of a place there is so much more new to discover and choose from.
I've been wanting to cancel my membership for a long time as I've been there in the last 12 months roughly 4 times, but my contract kept renews itself for an entire new year.
This approach the Somuchmore Card offers seems like a great alternative. Plus you can cancel your membership monthly.

fabletics master class paleo diet lisforlois Lois Opoku x Aspria lisforlois

Signing up is easy on and from there you can book any class.
You can choose between a White Card Lite, White Card or Black Card membership and it works across Germany (cities currently supported are: Hamburg, Stuttgart, Munich and Berlin)

Also make sure to make use of the New Years offer:
One-week-free trial and 50% off your first month with the code PRNEWWAY valid until 15.01.2016.
Just enter the code at checkout

On my personal list: Book a dance class at Motions Tanzstudio. I've always wanted to dance. I have a few friends that dance at Motions and it's supposed to be really good.

Lets get active, Let's rock 2016!

Love Lois xxx

Tuesday, June 09, 2015


lois opoku lisforlois x hella nike werunberlin fitness
Ok girls, 20th of June is coming closer! You know what that means, it means Nike #werunberlin 10k run is just around the corner! I'm still sore from my training session on Friday with Nike and trust me, my thighs still feel very heavy. As the day get closer I get more anxious, nervous and super excited. I get a little worried that I won't make the 10k, but I feel like I've got my asthma under control at the moment and that each time I go for a run, my breathing gets better.  Nike has so many surprises lined up for us girls and teamed up with many amazing sponsors this year, such as Marina Hoermanseder who designed the finishers gift or hella who'll make sure to keep us hydrated.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015


You might have seen on Instagram (@LisforLois) I recently had a new training session and dinner with Nike marking the beginning of a new season training towards the Nike Women 10k run (formerly known as the We Own The Night run).
We met in front of the Nike Mitte store boarded a bus and took a quick field trip to the surprise location: the breathtaking Olympia Stadium at night. And we had the whole complex to ourselves. Wow! We got dressed in the Home locker room. Dressed in our uniform head to toe in Nike (literally), we warmed up and took the 4,5 km upon us. We ran.
A route I've known well as a kid. And a place I haven't been back long since I graduated from my elementary school. Around my school, to the Olympia Stadium and back to school. For PE classes and my bicycle license. Of course back then we had our little shortcuts. Kids :)

Friday, December 19, 2014


fabletics master class paleo diet lisforlois
A little back Fabletics held a little master classs with Sebastian Drabow, one of Fabletics very own masters, who educated us on all things Paleo.
I don't know if you have heard of the diet known as Paleo, it was my first time to be honest, but a Paleo diet is no different to that of a man from the stone age. Thinking about it, everything on the Paleo No-Go list is a creation by our food industry, and sugar to Paleo comes pretty close to what Osama Bin Laden was to the United States of America, #1 enemy. Right up on that list you'll find anything processed, cereal products, pulses(legumes) and milk products. My initial thought was, "Ehm ok so.. what's left to eat, because last time I checked, that was all I was having.."

Wednesday, October 22, 2014


Lois Opoku x Aspria lisforlois
I had the honor and pleasure to train for 3 months one of Berlin's most luxurious recreation and sports centers and one of Europe's finest Member's club Aspria.
Aspria offers exclusive memberships and they come with one hell of advantages. From a separate Spa to Club Hotel, Bar and Restaurant and the main gym, Aspria has a lot to offer and the Aspria Berlin at Ku'damm is only one of 8 around the world. And being a member you can check into any of their clubs.
I'd love a weekend at the Aspria Harbour Club in Italy. And if I was a full year round member, I'd treat myself twice or trice a year to an Italian weekend getaway of recreation, sports, fine dining, soul searching and reconnecting body, mind and soul in that very Aspria Club.

The services are endless, and for 3 months I got lost in a completely different world, a world that puts your health and body first and totally values every individual.
A membership at Aspria has its prize, but if there is one thing I realized during my time there, it is that we are worth it, as any L'Oreal Paris ad would word it.
And coming to think of it, the amount of money I've wasted on clothing only to end up in the back of my closet or unwearable after only 3-4 washes, I could have limited myself to 1 or 2 designer purchases a year or membership like this.
It's about priorities..

Living a healthy life is priceless.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014


Nike NTC Berlin Lois Opoku lisforlois Nike NTC Berlin lisforlois Friday was actually my first time I entered the new Nike store at Berlin Ku'damm. I didn't make it to their opening because I was at lunch with The 7 Virtues and since then I haven't found time to check it out. On Friday I didn't go their to have a look at their new store or gear up on new fitness clothes (nothing keeps you more motivated than a pair of shoes, a new sports bra or the perfect fit fitness leggings right?) or Air Max 1. I was there to attend one of Nike's new fitness classes part of the NTC (Nike Training Club) program. Nike now offers, besides their really cool app with virtual trainers and progress tracking, fitnesses classes like yoga, Pilates, NTC, Core Strength, Dance and much more with real trainers in their own studio.