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Tuesday, February 21, 2017


Hey Guys,

I'm back with my final look from Fashion Week. Unfortunately I ended picking up my brother from hospital instead of running around my last 2 shows because he had an accident, so I didn't actually get to wear my last look to Berlin Fashion Week. But since I had been looking forward to this look the entire week and it had been one of my very few planned looks I had to shoot this look anyway afterwards as I was and have been dying to share this one with you. It's super dark for a typical "me" look. I usually go with colorful choices, but sometimes, every now and then I feel like exploring my dark side.

Thursday, February 02, 2017


Blue coat Proenza Schouler ps1 Lois opoku
Hey Guys,

Finally sharing my 3rd Berlin Fashion Week look. I changed it a little from how I wore it during my shows, because I was in a rush that morning and picked the first thing that I could grab. I changed from black leather pants and sneakers into these fun pants Storets paired with fishnet socks and patent leather pumps (on sale for less than 20€) - my fav combination rn! I can't get over my new Proenza Schouler bag and you'll probably seeing a lot on this blog. If you want I can write up a little review about this bag and some tips about buying your first designer bag.
Let me know what you think about my look. Are you into bright colored coats for winter?

Sunday, January 29, 2017


Hey Guys,

Puff jackets seem to everywhere ever since the red jacket from Balenciaga emerged on their runway and ad campaign - Balenciaga basically declared them the IT fashion statement piece of the season. I too have fallen for the trend even though Grace kept stopping me from buying them - literally. She made me hand the Zara one I spotted back. (Tipp: Zara is always quick to copy fashion trends, styles and designer It pieces. If you can't afford the real deal, take the copy. After all they say "Fake it til you make." -  Although personally I'm not a big advocate for copycats.) Thank god for Grace, because a little later I found the perfect one at Bershka for 16€!

Friday, January 27, 2017

Wednesday, January 25, 2017


Lois opoku style berlin fashion week
Hey guys!

How has your week been so far? I'm still procession what's been going on in the bloggersphere right now. Every season after Fashion Week its the same old story, a bunch of "Why I hate Fashion Week"- post surface right along with "Why I hate people that write about why they hate Fashion Week" counterparts. While there may be some good arguments on both sides it gets boring. It's the same old shit. I was ready to brace myself for the wave of those again, not bothering to take a stand on my own, because what I'll say has been said numerous times in rephrases.

Thursday, June 23, 2016


Ioana ciolacu Berlin fashion Week lisforlois
Today I need to share an unpublished post with you. I don't know how I forgot to hit the publish button on this, especially because it's one of my favourite. It's about a very special designer, a designer I have been following and supporting since her beginning as a nominee for Designer of Tomorrow Award. Ioana Ciolacu won as deserved and has since come a long way. She returned to Berlin Fashion Week every time following her win as DfT and I visited every show. Her designs and fashion inspire me and I love following her and seeing how each season evolves. The Ioana Ciolacu show was one of my favorite experiences during fashion week. I visited her backstage with Phillip, talked to her as the tension minutes to the show built up. I took a closer look at the pieces that were ready to hit the runway just minutes after and watched as the make up artists created her runway makeup looks and got the models dressed and ready.
I watched the show from the runway as Phillip stayed backstage and experienced the entire spectacle from behind closed doors. He captured all the special moments for me, as I watched my favorite looks walk the runway. Enjoy the post! I love all the images!
Fashion week is coming up again next week and in honour of it returning I'm throwing it way back to last season. Let the rumble begin..
Ioana ciolacu Berlin fashion Week lisforlois

Thursday, March 17, 2016


Dimitri Berlin fashion Week lisforlois
Almost my final runway report of this fashion season (one more special one to go!) is dedicated to the one and only Dimitri. I've been a huge fan of his shows ever since I started my blog and I may recall that all my Dimitri posts are mostly just pictures and hardly any to no text at all. That's because his collection speaks for itself and mostly leaves me somewhat speechless. When you can say it one word, why write an entire book i.e. post? Dimitri = amazing.

As for the day, Phillip and I nearly missed the show as we headed back from Marina Hoermanseder. It was nice to see Toni and Ruhama again and I sat next to them as we enjoyed the show.
It's the only show I didn't get Phillip to snap amazing runway pics for me. But it's the only show I have crazy good video material for my youtube video from.
I don't know, although these are iPhone pictures and some shots are super blurry and these pictures are exactly what I would never post on my blog, I feel like it has a very special touch to it. Very personal, very real, very close. A different kind of aesthetics.
Enjoy the show from my point of view, right of from the front row.
Good night peeps!
I'm off to study for my exams.

Friday, March 11, 2016


Rebekka Ruetz Berlin fashion Week lisforlois
I have a hate-love relationship with Rebekka Ruetz. One season I'm loving it and the next I'm not shipping it at all, the season after I'm applauding and then I'm dissappointed again. This season however I loved it. The material and print mixes, the big belts as details.. I got me kind of inspired.
But see for yourself!
Enjoy the runway pics shot by Phillip once again and edited by me as per usual..

Monday, February 29, 2016


Kilian Kerner Backstage Berlin fashion Week lisforlois
While everyone was waiting outside enjoying their welcome drinks whilst chitchatting, schmoozing and anticipating the show, Phillip and I got to sneak in backstage, but not just for hair and make up, we were kind of granted all access (thx Jona!!).
Phillip chose to stay backstage, watch and experience the show from behind the curtain as I sat inside the show eyeing each and every look. This post is different from my fashion week reports as Phillip shares an intimate angle on the Kilian Kerner show. I'll leave you with Phillips pictures only as I don't want to destroy the atmosphere of this post with typical runway pictures.
Phillip has been such a blessing this season, helping me with pictures and creating good content.
I'm loving these images very much. But see for yourself..

Huge thanks to Nicole Weber communications for allowing us backstage!

Sunday, February 28, 2016


Xavi Reye Elle Berlin fashion Week lisforlois
Hey Guys,

What's up? I'm back with some more pictures right off the runway. The ELLE magazine x Mercedes Benz show is one of the more special shows on the schedule each season, always highlighting the works of a young talent. This year's talent: Xavi Reyes.
Xavi Reyes is a designer from Spain who founded his label with the same name only in 2013. His designs are largely gender-free (note the blush and make up on both male and female models during this show) playing with new silhouettes inspired by "youth, future and melancholy".

Fun fact: the guy in the first picture is a friend of mine, Simon Dube Paul, and I accompanied him and Phillip to the casting just a few days prior to the show. Trust me castings are not as easy and fun as they may seem on Germany's next Topmodel (You might have followed my day on Snapchat! LoisOpoku). We left the casting go watch Dube's little brother's basketball game and came back as the designer + team were packing up. The boys hushed in for a quick minute. Good thing Dube tried his luck.
He booked the show!
Enjoy the pictures of the runway. As usual shot by my boy Phillip and edited by me.

Saturday, February 27, 2016


Maybelline MakeUp Show fashion Week lisforlois Maybelline MakeUp Show fashion Week lisforlois
Fashion Week kicked off with a very special kind of show this season for me. It was the Maybelline New York Make Up show that was also the opening show of the season, which I had been looking forward to for months as the special guest was none other than the stunning Gigi Hadid herself. I had received the invitation months before and it was the only show I was planning on attending, but as you know that turned out to be a hoax. Attended more than a handful of shows.. lol.
Anyway the show was special because it focused on the make up rather than the fashion. The looks were extravagant and crazy and each look represented a theme for each month of the year. Be sure to check out my pictures - you'll immediately get what I mean.
I think this was one of the most fun and memoriable nights this season. Especially when Gigi walked passed me out of the blue and I realized she is a true stunner. Couldn't even snap a selfie because I was in awe! Also because I spent that evening with my girl squad, we had lots of fun at the afterparty, eating cupcakes, drinking cocktails (..the usual) and got to meet a bunch of Germany's most famous Youtubers. Guess what they are cool as fuck. Down to earth as fuck. Fun as fuck.
Thanks for having us Maybelline!! Oh and thank you for the foundation I got to try before sales, but it wasn't quite my color! If you follow me on Snapchat (loisopoku) you know what I mean! hahahah

Thursday, February 18, 2016


Marina Hoermanseder beeline fashion week runway+backstage lisforlois
Discover my favourite experience from this seasons Berlin Fashion Week, a crazy intense moment shared with Wella and Marina Hoermanseder. From the best looks and love for details to the hectic backstage..
Continue reading to see all the images and read my experience.
Marina Hoermanseder beeline fashion week runway+backstage lisforlois

Saturday, February 13, 2016


 Lois Opoku bomber jacket Streetstyle fashion week lisforlois
For my third look for Fashion Week I decided to go a little more.. well a bit on the boys side. I've been inspired a lot lately by one of my fav instagirls Aleali May. She's been wearing a lot of oversize bomber jackets in very androgynous cuts, mainly by my Adidas fam or Y3, which is a high end label from Adidas by Yohji Yamamoto. Her style itself is quite androgynous and she's rocking it.
I played with the masculine silhouette of this huge bomber coat I stumbled across on ASOS, mixing it with a sexy mini skirt to show off my legs, but kept the rest of my skin tucked away in a turtleneck. The details: tassels to keep it all a little fun.
Was I cold, you wonder. No, I was driven everywhere that day. Haha! Perks of staying with the girls of Blogger Apartment! (I did however make the biggest mistake of my life. Thinking that I'll be driven everywhere, I wouldn't need a pair of changing shoes i.e. flat shoes. No. Don't ever leave the house without a pair of flat shoes. EVER. Unless you are Mehtap. Then you are another type of Queen. You probably heard me whine like a pussy on Snapchat every second snap - add me LoisOpoku)
The top bun is very "every dumb bitch on social media ever"; Granted.
But.. sorry not sorry.
What do you think of this look?

Wednesday, February 10, 2016


berlin fashion week blogger apartment lisforlois
What happens when you throw 7 girls and a dude into one apartment for a couple of days for Fashion Week? Blogger Apartment, that's what happens.
Meet the crew: Breeny from Breeny LeeSamah, (moi), Yanin from Idressmyselff, Lori from Fabeau Trends, my bae Joéva from La Fashion War, Juliette from Romeo's Fashion Fix and missing in this picture - the most patient and stylish guy I've meet in a while Wilson from Black Whimsy.

During Fashion Week I moved into an apartment with a few international bloggers and vloggers, mainly from the UK and we spent most of the time together. From our apartment party and open house where we welcomed everyone into our own four walls with an dress up party with Even&Odd and Henna and Make Up Session and goodies for everyone to our shooting I think we can say we had a lot of fun and a few little adventures. I'm really happy I got to be part of this project but let my pictures speak for themself!
Scroll down for more impressions from my time with Blogger Apartment and discover the shooting with Even&Odd.

Monday, February 01, 2016


Dawid Tomaszweski Backstage Show Berlin fashion Week lisforlois
What I realized this season is that Berlin is not dead - Berlin's fashion is not. Berlin is Berlin. And that's okay. There is absolutely no point in constantly comparing it to Paris, New York, London, Milan and co. because last time I checked nobody compared apples to bananas.
And that's fine.
What I discovered for myself this season is that the real treasures, Berlin's new talents and great designer are hidden in the Berliner Modesalon, an initiative by the German Vogue. Exclusive to invited guest in attempts to separate the cynical fashion clowns desparate to do nothing but stage themselves from the true German fashion scene - the IN crowd (editors, insiders, buyers, elite bloggers..), who have not forgotten that fashion week is and should be primarily about the designers and the fashion itself in it's truest form. Among the designers privileged enough to be invited by Vogue to present their upcoming collections and months of hard work and art, was Dawid Tomaszweski, a favourite of mine since my very first fashion week. I too was privileged, privileged to be granted access to this show and for that I want thank Wella. Thank you for allowing to roam around freely very last minute and gather my own impressions and especially for the backstage experience.

Thursday, January 28, 2016


Lois Opoku fashion Week Streetstyle Winter lisforlois
Fashion has come and gone in what seemed like a blur! I pretty much did all the shows with my partner in crime Phillip who helped me take all the pictures this season and I was part of the Blogger Apartment project (more on that later!).
Brace yourself for a few fun posts from Fashion Week. This time I hardly attended any events and I pretty much bailed on all parties. Shocker! I know right? But I had a lot of fun peeking behind the scenes and being able to get a lot of backstage access.
I was able to concentrate on the designers and their work rather than all the tata tata and heckmeck and fake glitz and glam around it. I selected a handful of designers I was really interested in seeing and a got a whole new perspective being able to watch from backstage as it all unfolded.
People still belittle Berlin Fashion Week. Yes, it's not Paris, nor London or anything close to New York.
But Berlin is Berlin and it has a few gems to offer.
Here is my first outfit. But brace yourself for more to come..

Friday, January 15, 2016


Fyodor Golan Berlin fashion Week Juli 2015 lisforlois

Lost in my archives I found these images of the Fyodor Golan show and my backstage experience I shared with Eileena. It's pretty much how we met and ended up becoming friends and filming a youtube video together. I was part the youtube loves fashion project, and since my main bae Joeva was down with the flue I offered to take her along.
I love the images and I can't believe their nearly got lost on my hard drive and flickr album. Unretouched, Unpublished, Unseen.

Next week is Berlin Fashion Week and I was pretty sure I was simply going to attend the Gigi Hadid Maybelline Show and Dimitri (must every year!) and go on with uni life. But in true DJ Khaled Snapchat fashion, let's be honest a big fat "You played yourself." is on order.
Of course I'll be running from A to Z next week and I'm a little over excited because this time I'll be working with an new personal photographer, a young talent, and we'll be creating content together.

I still pretty much remember the Fyodor Golan show clearly. Mainly because it was odd in all aspects. But the good kind of odd.
Thank you again Sane Communications for the really nice welcome from the first minute and making the backstage experience and the show happen so pleasantly.
I owe you these pictures.
And I owe Fyodor Golan sharing these images with you all and the net, because although this might not be my style at all (You can give me the white dress though! I'll wear it any day), I still remember the exact feeling I had when watching it. Seated in the second row I had the perfect view, it felt so close and the best thing above all: no heads to ruin my pictures. The music and use of lightening was spacey and all part of the show. Makeup just as bold as the neon color palette: bright green mascara and nails to match it all.
It was one of the only shows that really stuck to my mind that season.

Oh and can we take a moment to appreciate these heels? Research says they are Kat Maconies. Damn!
Pamina said these were the highest heels she'd ever had to wear on the runway. Kudos to her, she didn't slip.

Scroll down for more and especially the backstage photos.

Wednesday, September 09, 2015


lois-floral-13 fashion week street style
Hey guys!

How have you been? How was your summer? I just got back from 3 weeks in Kenya. I apologize for the awful quietness here on the blog. Initially I auto-planned some posts for you but it all got lost in the hectic of getting ready for Kenya.
Anyway I can't wait to share my travel pictures from Kenya with you! But first I want to complete my fashion week diaries and show you my last outfit. Also, I'll still be posting some material from Fashion Week throughout the next weeks, well because I can. Don't be confused.

I held day 4 at fashion week super low key, I was in an awful lot of pain but I dragged myself to two shows because I had backstage appointments too, opportunities I really didn't miss out on. My energy however was not enough for the much sought after Marina H. show (which blew minds btw!) or her closing party at night, even after coming back to rest at home. Sometimes when your body says no, you gotta respect that.
Nevertheless I never forgot to wear my smile as my prettiest accessory.
lois-floral-22  fashion week street style

Monday, August 03, 2015


Another day, another Fashion Week report! Let's embark on my adventures for day 3. This time again in my usual colourful spirit. I wore the most luxe Sandro piece on which I spent my savings on without a blink of an eye, paired with the coolest shoes in my entire closet. I'm so in love with this piece and the heels. Both new. But naturally I didn't leave the house without a pair of flats in my bag, which is why part of the day I wore flats. But, yes my outfit was on point most of the day! ;P