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Monday, March 06, 2017


Lois opoku pink Trenchcoat style lisforlois
Hey guys,

Ok so right now I'm in a deep hate-love relationship with Instagram and it feels like it's getting worse every time I open the app. But one thing I will forever be grateful for on Instagram is that fact that there are so many great brands and creators and people and places and hotspots to discover. Instagram is like a global hub of hidden gems once you dig deeper than your shitty "explore page" spammed with dumbass (sexist/I'm being cheated on/wtf even is your message/ completely wrong ideals) "comedy" videos or naked botox ass face girls and unrealistic #bodygoals.
This is how I recently discovered Likalla and immediately fell in love with the brand created by Lisa and Katrin.

Monday, September 21, 2015


Sunglasses I Sonnenbrille: Le Specs
Nailpolish I Nagellack: YSL
Earrings I Ohrringe: Orelia
Bag I Tasche: Chloé Marcie via Farfetch
Pullover: Edited - THE LABEL
Bracelet I Armband: Katie Rowland
Necklace I Kette: Katie Rowland
Shoes I Schuhe: Buffalo
Watch I Uhr:Karl Lagerfeld
Keychain I Schlüsselanhänger: Sophia Hulme

Hey guys! Whats UP? Hello!

It's been forever since I've done Style Ideas, but I've kind of missed doing these collages with pieces I covet and wish to style up, mentally dressing up in clothes I don't necessarily own. Girl's gotta dream! They're planned as a regular part of my new blog concept I'm working on. You guys let me know what you think.
For the first Style Ideas revival I was inspired by the cold breeze and the falling leaves today. The whole look is centered around my personal IT bag: the MARCIE. I know Chloé has created the bag of the moment - there is no way getting around the Chloé Drew(LINK), especially in the bloggersphere. But can I be honest for a minute? Yes, I'm a huge fan of Chloé bags, Chloé and Céline to be exact. Drew is cute for a night out. But my favourite Chloé handbags have always been the Chloé Paraty and the Chloé Marcie medium totes as perfect everyday companions. They're part of a little obsession of mine I've kept well cultivated by regularily adding them to my shopping basket while browsing online, feeding directly into my obsession, ever since I started my blog.
The look is very heavy on nude as you can tell. But I wanted to kept it fun with loose leo print pants and an eggshell white cozy knit to keep it casual, functional, cozy yet flirty & fun. Tbh, I didn't really think about the look much, I just created as I went along, just like the way I get dressed. I was just really feeling those pants in combination with nude and that stunner of a bag.
Also, I think you can never go wrong with rose gold accessories and a little mush green to embrace fall. (Need to buy that shade asap!).

Love Lois xxx