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Thursday, May 25, 2017


spring coat Lois Opoku lisforlois
What's good my blog fam?

God, what have we done to our earth with global warming? The weather has never been more bipolar than the last couple of weeks, going from hot to cold, sunshine to monsoon in matter of 24h hours.
You might want to consider adding a spring coat/ trench coat to your wardrobe this spring especially with this sad excuse of a weather. Combating a cloudy cold windy day has never looked more cute than in a trench or spring coat. But not a boring camel trench - don't get me wrong, a nicely cut camel trench coat is classic!
I stumbled upon this coat from River Island and I just had to get it. It's a little to heavy now for spring, but consider lighter option. The color and print just make it an eye catcher!
I spied some more cute options from Topshop.
Nisi also wore the cutest trench for spring in vichy print (girls take note! Plus it's on sale). They can be such a statement piece and the focal point of an outfit. Throw it over a pair of jeans and a simple T-Shirt and watch your look go from nothing to something.

Saturday, March 25, 2017


Ruffle bell sleeves lois opoku lisforlois
Hey Guys,

It's a wonderful Saturday and initially I wanted to go shoot some more content for the blog today. But let's just I say I had one of the most random Berlin nights last night and I'm still feeling the aftermath of an excessive party night. Haven't had so much fun in a while. Berlin's randomness that can make or break a night is kind part of its magic.
I'm off to the cinema to watch Beauty and the Beast. Can't wait to see Emma Watson bring Belle to live!

Go enjoy the sun, your day and have a wonderful weekend!

Love Lois xxx

Wednesday, March 22, 2017


Fur schnürtop lois opoku lisforlois
Hey guys,

It's finally spring, the days are seemingly getting (not really) but occasionally the sun comes out to play in Berlin. Soon spring will be in full bloom and I'll be able to shed all those layer that kept me warm. I found this coat I bought maybe 3 or 4 years ago at Zara in my closet. I mnust admit I have a lot of clothes I buy during Sale season and end up at the back of my closet after of month of excessively wearing them. I've kind of fallen for this fur ball again, although it makes me look somewhat like a bird haha! The rest of the pieces I'm wearing are all sale finds, the strappy top is from last year Zara, the bag I got in January - also Zara. The pants I found at Bershka and I must admit I was surprised at the perfect fit. As you know my booty-to-hips ratio is not made for the European market aka "slim thick with your cute ass"-Problem. Only Levis introduced pants made for my shape - the Levis Curve ID (I'm a bold curve), but Levis is costly and the wash I have I don't wear that often.
These pants from Bershka fit like Curve IDs. My shoes were my biggest steal 12,99 Mango.. uh yes?!

Good night kids!

Sunday, January 29, 2017


Hey Guys,

Puff jackets seem to everywhere ever since the red jacket from Balenciaga emerged on their runway and ad campaign - Balenciaga basically declared them the IT fashion statement piece of the season. I too have fallen for the trend even though Grace kept stopping me from buying them - literally. She made me hand the Zara one I spotted back. (Tipp: Zara is always quick to copy fashion trends, styles and designer It pieces. If you can't afford the real deal, take the copy. After all they say "Fake it til you make." -  Although personally I'm not a big advocate for copycats.) Thank god for Grace, because a little later I found the perfect one at Bershka for 16€!

Wednesday, January 25, 2017


Lois opoku style berlin fashion week
Hey guys!

How has your week been so far? I'm still procession what's been going on in the bloggersphere right now. Every season after Fashion Week its the same old story, a bunch of "Why I hate Fashion Week"- post surface right along with "Why I hate people that write about why they hate Fashion Week" counterparts. While there may be some good arguments on both sides it gets boring. It's the same old shit. I was ready to brace myself for the wave of those again, not bothering to take a stand on my own, because what I'll say has been said numerous times in rephrases.

Sunday, January 22, 2017


lois opoku leopard print fur coat outfit
Hey guys!

While you are reading this I'm going through my pictures from Fashion Week. January is going by in a rush! Right after Christmas I made huge hauls from Bershka and Topshop (got so many pieces for 10€) which I may or may not show you on my Youtube channel, depending on how I manage with time. The pants I got from Pull&Bear during the Cyber Monday/Black Friday sales, which I think I also linked in my Black Friday/Cyber Weekend sales guide, may be my fav new jeans. They are mom fit, which usually does not complement my figure at all, but I thought looked so cute that I ordered them anyway. This coat was a purchase just before Christmas and it's been keeping me warm since! I think a leopard print fur coat can be such a statement piece to own in your closet. It upgrades any casual look! Imagine that coat with black skinny jeans, similar boots, black pullover and a beanie. How cute is that for winter?

Tuesday, October 23, 2012


On the weekend I went to check out the designer sale. Unfortunately I didn't find anything amongst the masses of pieces and shoes, although the prices were quite alright. I met up with Laura and Eileen and her roomie Toko. We didn't stay long either, instead took so outfit pictures. Here's what I was wearing,
kindly captured by Laura. We took the pictures just under the bridge of the U-Bahn Gleisdreieck. It was a lovely day and probably the last day of "summer".
Judging from the weather today it's definitely "goodbye shorts!"

Saturday, June 30, 2012


After a very loooong bus ride we finally arrived at Schloss Beesenstadt for another edition of a Nokia Windows Phone event, one of the most fun events I've been to. This time it was time for Window Phone Mission Operation: Secret Castle.
I invited Lisa to come along with me and we had major fun after a not so fun 3 hour bus trip and very delicious food. Once again we were handed a Windows Phone, our main tool, to complete challenges and riddles in order to save the internet. As awesome as we are we managed to unlock the password and save the world. After all what would we all be without internet today? ;)

Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Just before my Italy trip my friend and I went to do some last minute summer shopping and we found ourselves quite lucky at Bershka. In fact we both wanted to take the entire store home with us. And now I have a major wishlist. From runwaydreamz inspired hot(!) pants to stillettos and dresses, tops and shorts... Bershka is so good atm! If you have time I'll advise you to pop in, you'll want to take home more with you than you can ;) Actually since the opening I haven't been there regularly, I found myself peeking in only 4 or 5 times max since then.
But this is why I was so hot to go there on Saturday..

Friday, May 04, 2012


I hope Bonsoir is French for Good Morning. But there is a huge chance I'm mistaking. Let's just pretend I'm right :P

The last few days have been super chilled for me. I've been enjoying miniature holidays (just a few days off school) and the superhot weather Berlin is suddenly graced with. On one of the days I went to visit my friend Jasmin and carried a shit load amount of stuff with me, because she was going to help me with my project. It's the first time I'm wearing my Zara ballet slippers. Those slippers are horrible! They may look cute but they scratched open both my feet in only 5 minute of walking. :( Never experienced that before. I'm forced to wear open shoes at the moment, so my feet can heal of without pain.

Also it's time to announce the giveaways winners!
Congratulations Paddi on winning the dress and congrats to Lisa for winning the surprise second pack.

I'll send an email out to you tonight for the details.
Now I gotta run and finish getting dressed, because I'm going to the Marc Jacobs event and after that I'll continue to school.

Dress I Kleid: Primark
Shoes I Schuhe: Zara
Sunglasses I Sonnenbrille: H&M
Bracelet I Armband: gifted
Bag I Tasche: Bershka
Ring: Primark

Love Lois xxx

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Wednesday, November 09, 2011


Yesterday exactly one month ago was my birthday :)
Here are pictures from my birthday weekend: My day, meeting Maria Mena and the Dawanda Brunch.


Gestern vor einem Monat genau war mein Geburtstag :)
Hier sind Eindrücke von meinem Geburtstagswochenende: Mein Tag, das Treffen mit Maria Mena und der Dawanda Brunch.

Thursday, September 01, 2011


There was such a huge crowd in front of Bershka during the opening! Some people even lining up from 4o'clock. Check out this awesome video Van Anh made during the opening when suddenly the workers started dancing for us! :D


Es gab so eine rießige Menschenmasse vor Bershka während der Eröffnung! Manche stellte sich sogar schon um 4Uhr an. Schaut euch mal das tolle Video an, dass Van Anh während der Eröffnung machte, als plötzlich die Arbeiter anfingen für uns zu tanzen! :D

Monday, August 29, 2011


NEW Bag from Bershka Opening

I knew I had to have that bag. Question was what color? After hours of dilemma, I went of the warm colored one. I saw the blue one first, but I couldn't decide. Then I remembered what Johnny Depp once said, "If you love two people at the same time, choose the second one, because if you really loved the first one you wouldn’t have fallen for the second."
Daamn this is a sentence to live by :) Atleast indecisive me should live by. xD


Ich wusste, dass ich diese Tasche haben musste. Die Frage war nur welche Farbe? Nach stundenlangen Dilemma, nahm ich die mit der warmen Farbe nach Hause. Ich habe die blaue zuerst gesehen, aber ich konnte mich dann nicht entscheiden. Dann erinnerte ich mich an was Johnny Depp einmal sagte, "If you love two people at the same time, choose the second one, because if you really loved the first one you wouldn’t have fallen for the second."
Daamn, danach könnte man leben :) Naja, meine unentschlossene selbst sollte danach leben. xD

Love Lois xxx

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Sunday, August 28, 2011


Thursday afternoon I ran to the Bershka Shop opening as soon as the final bell rang. I had to be there for the VIP Opening at 4 oclock, but school wasn't over until 15.45. Luckily Bershka is kind of just around the corner from my school and I managed to be on time thanks to my superpowers.
The invited guests had the advantage to shop in peace to good music, get the first look at the entire store and enjoy appetizers (as good as always!) and drinks.


Donnerstagnachmittag rannte ich zum Bershka Store Opening sobald die . Ich musste bereits um 4 da sein, aber ich war noch bis 15.45 in der Schule. Da Bershka so gut wie um die Ecke meiner Schule ist, habe ich es dank meiner Superkräfte rechtzeitig geschafft.
Geladene Gäste hatten das Glück in Ruhe shoppen zu dürfen, den ersten Eindruck des gesamten Stores zu bekommen und Häppchen (so lecker wie immer!) und Drinks zu genießen - das alles zur guten Musik.

Saturday, August 20, 2011


I just received my invitation to Bershka's opening coming up this week (don't worry! If you haven't received an invitation by post you are still invited to join the party at 18.30 o'clock). But look what happened when it came per post. The bottle with the moos-mix leaked and my lovely invitation is completely soaked :(
Have you ever had bad experience with the post?


Ich habe gerade meine Einladung zur Bershka Eröffnung erhalten (Keine Sorge! Falls ihr keine bekommen habt, seit ihr trotzdem herzlich zur Party um 18.30 Uhr eingeladen). Aber schaut mal was passiert ist, als es mit der Post kam. Die Flasche mit dem Moos-mix ist ausgelaufen und meine tolle Einladung ist komplett nass :(
Habt ihr schon mal schlechte Erfahrung mit der Post gemacht?

Thursday, August 18, 2011


FINALLY :) I got my favourite trousers at Bershka two years ago when I visited Italy for the first time and since then it's one of my shops I look out for when I'm on Italy holiday.
But there is no need because Bershka is opening NEXT WEEK at the Kudamm!


ENDLICH:) Ich habe meine Lieblingshose bei Bershka vor zwei Jahren auf meinen ersten Italienurlaub gekauft und seit dem ist Bershka einer der Läden, die ich mir immer anschaue wenn ich dort bin.
Aber jetzt brauche ich das nicht mehr, denn Bershka eröffnet NÄCHSTE WOCHE am Kudamm!