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Friday, January 27, 2017

Thursday, January 28, 2016


Lois Opoku fashion Week Streetstyle Winter lisforlois
Fashion has come and gone in what seemed like a blur! I pretty much did all the shows with my partner in crime Phillip who helped me take all the pictures this season and I was part of the Blogger Apartment project (more on that later!).
Brace yourself for a few fun posts from Fashion Week. This time I hardly attended any events and I pretty much bailed on all parties. Shocker! I know right? But I had a lot of fun peeking behind the scenes and being able to get a lot of backstage access.
I was able to concentrate on the designers and their work rather than all the tata tata and heckmeck and fake glitz and glam around it. I selected a handful of designers I was really interested in seeing and a got a whole new perspective being able to watch from backstage as it all unfolded.
People still belittle Berlin Fashion Week. Yes, it's not Paris, nor London or anything close to New York.
But Berlin is Berlin and it has a few gems to offer.
Here is my first outfit. But brace yourself for more to come..

Wednesday, January 13, 2016


Blue Coat Winter style Bruno Banani Lois Opoku lisforlois
I'm loving this bright blue coat that I got from Otto. It is perfection to cure the winter blues. Sounds ironic. It's not.
It took me a while, but Otto surprisingly has a few hidden gems tucked in their online shop, waiting patiently for you to uncover them. Patience is the key word. Look through it with time.
Also I've been pretty much living in these sweatpants I got from Footlocker during the press days. It's an exclusive to footlocker piece and it's made winter so much more bareable. You'd probably associate sweatpants with a lazy-at-home look or as King Karl would say: "if a woman is out in sweat pants she's lost control over her life."
Who said sweatpants couldn't be chic?
I, for one, am regaining control of my life.
Yes, in sweatpants.
Blue Coat Winter style Bruno Banani Lois Opoku lisforlois

Sunday, November 30, 2014


footlocker week of greatness
This week was the Week of Greatness at Foot Locker, a very special week for all sneaker enthusiasts out there, because Foot Locker released 50 different style of pairs across the entire week with sneakers and classics from Nike to Adidas to Asics, Reebok and more. For me day 5 (26th November) had the most interesting release - the Nike Flystepper 2k3.
In celebration of the week, Foot Locker sent me a pair of Adidas Sneakers to style up. This is by far the

Monday, April 07, 2014


So my busy day ended with a party with my Adidas Family after the fitting at Levis and the Blogger Event with Pepe Jeans. Jacky and me drove in her Smart across town while playing a game of "How many girls can we fit in a smart without getting caught and stopped by the police?" In case you wondered, we made it safe to our destination without being cuffed. And the answer is 4.
Adidas Originals opened their first ever flagship store, one of more to follow that will open in major cities across the world and Big B aka crazy Berlin had the honours of premiering.
The new store holds treasures like Opening Ceremony x Adidas Originals, so many amazing pieces from the Jeremy Scott collection (I'm a huge fan of every single collection he has dropped for Adidas!) and many more selected items representing Adidas Originals best. Of course I had to check it out and say hi to all the familiar faces.
The store is filled with so many great pieces and I have to admit I'm growing fonder and fonder of their collaboration collections such as Adidas Originals x Farm (L.O.V.E!!!! I had my eyes on this collection ever since I spotted a few pieces in one of the lookbooks back in October at the Adidas Style Room and I've been waiting for news about this collection to hit my inbox. One word: amazeballs! And still on my wishlist). It was super packed and the music was at full blast, but I still had the chance to squeeze past the happy crowd and fall in love with the fashion in store.
My favs and major love for: Adidas Originals x Farm and Adidas Originals x Opening Ceremony. Jeremy Scott goes without saying ;)

Love Lois xxx

Tuesday, February 18, 2014


adidas zx850 streetstyle berlin lisforlois Hahaha well not Model, but I was highly inspired by Stockholm Streetstyle's Model off Duty section for my post title today. Anyway as you know and saw on Instagram I had a shooting for Adidas NEO on yesterday and this is what I wore to it. I was a bit nervous because I'm not a model and although taking pictures of myself almost daily and posting them on my blog/facebook/twitter it is different when you are suddenly posing in a production full of professionals for a label with their team. I'm super lucky to have been in it with NEO because you know how much I really love the Adidas NEO team and how they always make me feel at home around them, plus I already knew the photographer personally and my co-"models" were my friends Annie and Chi. :D

Sunday, February 09, 2014


Lois Opoku WAG Streetstyle Adidas NEO Selena Gomez jacket lisforlois Munich Adidas FC Bayern München ticket lisforlois
Last Sunday was my first time ever at a stadium. Adidas invited Annie and me to come hang out for a game for the fixture FC Bayern vs Eintracht Frankfurt. We had dinner prior to the game in Adidas' sponsors lounge within the stadium, dessert and more beer in the break and more dinner after the game. Just before the game was about to start we walked down into the arena and took our seats. The minute I laid eyes on that pitch I was blown away, I nearly dropped my beer. It was such a magical sight and I was hit by the atmosphere and spirit in that stadium right away. We had the best seats, we were so close to the pitch but far enough that we could still see the entire pitch in one glance. Well it was very hollywood with the rain and the little mist and slight fog, the cheering fans all in perfect synch, how everything stopped for a second as I took it all in, except that it was real and mother nature does not stage. I couldn't stop smiling and staring. The game was too perfect too, they won 5-0.

Saturday, October 19, 2013


Adidas style room lisforlois Adidas style room lisforlois

"Unite all originals" is next year's big over all theme at Adidas and therefore Adidas is reviving some of their old historic classics as for example the ZX850 sneaker.
As for Adidas Originals in particular - next season in honour of the World Cup to be held in Brasil, Brasil itself has become an inspiration which is visible in the Adidas Originals collection in form of footballs printed all over pullovers or simply the color green and jungle prints as a reoccurring theme.
And what's happening at Adidas NEO? Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez will be designing another collection for Adidas NEO next season. Already got my eyes set on Selena's bomber jacket with the sheer arms and floral details.

Thursday, July 18, 2013


After fighting my way through the crowd of screaming, crying and overexcited Selenators, which by the way felt like Mission Impossible: Selenator Edition at the time, with Nisi and Annie, going through security check and having to hand over my camera, it was #SelenaNEOLaunch time and I was ready for Selena Gomez, her collection and her personal thoughts about the collaboration.
Press was present during the Media Morning such as Teen Vogue and journalists from Latin America and even a few invited bloggers that came all the way from Asia to Berlin just for Selena's Launch. It started with a walk through the collection, before we were joined by lucky fans for the Q&A and Meet&Greet session.

Saturday, May 25, 2013


Hey Guys,

I'm happy to show you the pictures of my collaboration with Adidas Neo: the Adidas Neo Style Challenge. I had the pleasure to participate and my task was to style myself and 3 of my friends for Adidas Neo. For this I was sent 4 pieces. First I was a little unsure of what exactly I wanted to do and what kind of looks to create because there is so much you can come up with. But I wanted to keep the Adidas Neo spirit and my looks and pictures in style of Adidas Neo, fun, quirky, young and in a way also incorporate their personal styles which is why I let them wear pieces from their own closets to finalize their looks.

Yesterday we met up to take the pictures. On top of roof top near Gleisdreieck, while listening to J.Cole and none stop laughing, Charlotte photographed us. It was so much fun! Also I just realized you've never really seen my 'real life' friends (read: none blogging) on my blog. So here they are! Some of them at least.
Hope you like the pictures!

Now I'm off to Lloret de Mar for my Abifahrt. See you in a week!
Sun here I come...

Sunday, May 12, 2013


A few weeks ago I traveled to Hamburg for a day to visited the Adidas Style show room. I looked at the upcoming collections like Adidas Neo - this time designed by Selena Gomez, Adidas Originals and the Jeremy Scott x Adidas Collection that's totally crazy as usual. (Still in love with those Jeremy Scott x Adidas wings sneakers and the leopard shoes. Not kidding I'd totally wear them out.) I really liked what I got to see especially the Mc Nasty T-Shirt that's from the men's section I guess and the Adidas Neo sneakers with the removable bands adding little twist as detail. But there were many more pieces to look out for in autumn, when the collections hit the stores.
But other than looking and rating and discussing the new collection or eating as much mini burgers and dessert (they were so good!) as we want, we got to get a bit creative and pimp our very own T-shirts. I might show you mine in an outfit post.
A enjoyed a lovely day in Hamburg and the weather for once was at its best. The sun kissed my face as I sat next the harbour sipping Moscow Mules and Hugos while chatting to the other bloggers and the Adidas Team watching the ships passing by...

Monday, October 29, 2012


During the press days I had the chance to go visit the different agencies spread across Berlin and have a look at upcoming designs and pieces. From Pop phones (give me the gold one!!) to futuristic heels and bags at Hugo Boss, from cake pops in shape of shoes and clothes to amazing bags at MCM (new found love!), from falling deeper in love with Nikes and discovering the sneaker story to funky shoes at Jeremy Scott x Adidas, from Drykorn to We are Knitters DIY knits, from lovely necklaces at Anthropology to yummy cupcakes at Desigual and putting on a beard for a good cause called Movember, from amazing clothes at practically everywhere and falling in love with Karlotta Wilde.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Last Thursday I took my friend Louisa along to the Adidas Women Style Night event that took place at their Münzstraße Store. We were greeted with good drinks, finger food and good music and a crowd radiating good vibes. What more do you need for a good night?


Letzten Donnerstag lud Adidas zur Adidas Women Style Night im Münzstraße Store ein und zusammen mit meiner Freundin Louisa ging ich dorthin. Zum Gruß gabs gute Drinks, Häppchen, Musik und eine gute Stimmung. Was braucht man mehr für eine guten Abend?